In our modern world that we live in, we have such a dependable amount of access to constantly function utilities that we have now incorporated into our everyday lives. Constant electricity turns on our lights when we get home every day. We depend on our toilets to consistently flush away our business, especially when we really have to go to the bathroom. And whether it’s a hot shower on a cold day or a hot sink faucet that helps you do the dishes, our access to hot water is a critical amenity that we use for so many things.

But sometimes we might take that privileged access for granted, and it can be a jarring experience to lose that access. Trying to take a hot shower and only feeling cold water come out, or washing your hands and smelling the water before you see it are just a few examples of losing this access, and they really aren’t fun. Because not only is your access to hot water currently in jeopardy but now you have to call and schedule an appointment to get it repaired, which could take a couple of days. That’s a couple of days without any hot water, which nowadays seems like an impossible task to undergo unless you are camping.

What We Do

That’s why Charlie’s Plumbing is proud to offer a variety of water heater repair and replacement services. We understand how useful and important an effective water heater and hot water access is, and how much of a stressful responsibility it becomes when we can’t access it. There are a variety of potential issues that you can experience with your water heater that might limit or cease your hot water access — and these issues might be taking place right now without your knowledge, waiting to brick your water heater system. Your tank might have a leak or structural crack that will only get bigger over time. There might be water pressure differential issues that are causing distribution issues all over the house. Water might start coming out smelly or colored.

As a water heater owner, you can do a few things to mitigate the frequency of required maintenance. Consistent inspections of the tank walls and tank anode rod, testing the pressure relief valve, or draining your tank every couple months are some useful things that will limit a maintenance call to Charlie’s Plumbing. But you don’t need to wait until something bad happens and you are stressed to reach out to a professional. When you do need to call us, our professional water heater technicians can provide a variety of information and services to keep you and your water heater operating smoothly and efficiently. We can provide whatever level of maintenance is required for the job, whether that is a regularly scheduled inspection check-up or a deep clean and full repair. We can also remove a defunct or problematic water heater and properly install a new one in your home. Whatever the water heater issue is, our dedicated and highly skilled water heater technicians can provide the service you require to get your home back to its hot water capabilities. 

Water Heater Repair and Replacement in Houston

Hot water is such an incredible utility to be able to use in our everyday lives until we can’t. Don’t wait until you are stuck in a cold shower or you have rusty water coming out of your sink faucet. Take the DIY steps to limit the amount of maintenance you might need in the future. But don’t be afraid to contact your locally trusted plumbing company, Charlie’s Plumbing in Houston, to make sure that your water heater is running smoothly and will keep doing so. 

We have been providing high-quality water heaters and HVAC services to Houston and the surrounding area for over 40 years, so we have quite a bit of knowledge and experience dealing with most water heater systems, as well as a variety of other plumbing and HVAC systems. We are ready to serve you, whether it’s an emergency plumbing repair or a routine water heater tank checkup. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment, or contact us with some questions that can give you the best idea on how to proceed. Call now!