In our modern world, it’s hard to not take for granted our reliable and consistent access to utility services and systems. With such high expectations on these systems, we are liable to take our consistent access to things like a functional sewer system for granted. And that means that when your sewer system or piping stops being functional, it can be somewhat jarring for your expectations and your schedule, and becomes an important priority that needs to be dealt with. When that coincides with a busy day or a difficult week, and the toilets don’t even work properly, the pressure and responsibility to get it fixed is stressful and just another obstacle in your day you don’t want to have to deal with.

What We Do

That’s where Charlie’s Plumbing comes in. We take on the pressure and responsibility so you don’t have to, offering high-quality sewer and pipe cleaning services to the greater Houston area as we have done for the past 40 years. Our plumbing experts are extremely experienced in diagnosing and solving all kinds of sewer pipe buildup and flow issues. These issues can become very damaging and expensive the longer they are left, so any form of maintenance could be a critical step in protecting your sewer systems and your wallet. The first step involves running a small camera into the sewer pipe in question and inspecting the pipe situation through up-close video footage. 

Once the buildup or backup is found, our plumbing specialists have a few tools at their disposal, depending on the nature of the buildup. For solid material that has built up in the main channel, we have power snakes with different attachment heads that remove and/or break apart the backup, depending on the nature of the clog. For more long-term buildup on the pipe’s inner walls, we use a hydro-jetter, a cleaning head that employs a high-pressure water spraying system, removing gunk and other material buildups that have been caked on for a while.

Sewer Pipe Clearing and Cleaning in Houston

When your sewer system fails to function to the best of its ability, it’s a frustrating obligation to get it fixed. But you don’t have to wait for a clog to appear or your drains to back up before you take some action. A preventative maintenance appointment, or even just a simple video inspection of your sewer line system could be all the difference required so you don’t get surprised by a dysfunctional sewer line system, and so you don’t have to feel that frustrating obligation. 

We didn’t become Houston’s most trusted commercial plumbing service by not caring about our clients’ needs. We make sure that we prioritize every client and their specific needs in their specific situation, and our customized and personal service is just one of the many reasons for that communal trust. Charlie’s Plumbing is a proud provider of commercial plumbing services to a variety of establishments, industries, and residences in the greater Houston area, and one of those high-quality services is our sewer pipe clearing and cleaning. Give us a call today, and see how our plumbing specialists can serve you. Call now!