A mere 150 years ago, water access involved a bucket and a well, and your sewer system was made up of a wooden shack and a big hole in your backyard. The functioning and service of our sewer and water lines have made incredible technological progress since 150 years ago. Now, we flip a handle and essentially have endless water come out. We get to do our business in the comfort of our own property with our smart device in hand, and then with the flip of the handle, it all gets sucked out and flushed away from your space and your responsibility.

But sometimes, the water stops being endless, or you get the unpleasant experience of seeing again all that was seemingly sucked out and flushed away before. These experiences of a faulty plumbing system are unpleasant at the very least and expensive and damaging at the worst. And a very common plumbing system issue that a lot of folks experience is backflow. Backflow is the unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction — essentially, the water that you want running out and away from your property gets sent back up the pipe towards your home. This process can occur due to pressure differences at cross-connections between potable and non-potable water lines in any plumbing system — which can allow dirty contaminated water to reverse flow through clean, potable water lines.

What We Do

This is a nasty issue that plenty of folks experience all over. It can smell up your property at best, and contaminate your drinking water at worst, so it is a pretty important thing to address and prevent. That is where Charlie’s Plumbing comes in. Our plumbing specialists have plenty of experience dealing with a variety of plumbing issues in Houston and the surrounding areas, including instances of backflow. We are dedicated to preventing backflow from even occurring in your space or business through backflow prevention and testing, giving you the peace of mind you need regarding your water and sewer system.

Backflow testing is a fairly simple process. Our plumbing expert uses a backflow testing device that measures pressure in the system. Essentially, the test involves opening and closing gate and relief valves and checking the pressure gauge for changes and the pipe for signs of potential backflow. Because backflow can be caused by a variety of things out of your control, like high water demand at a nearby fire hydrant or a water main break, you can never be sure when backflow will strike. So scheduling a backflow test with Charlie’s Plumbing at least once a year is a critical step you can take to prevent it from happening.

We are also proud to offer backflow prevention services from Charlie’s Plumbing. Our highly-experienced plumbing experts can install a backflow prevention device in your plumbing system that is designed to prevent backflows from ever occurring. There are a variety of different devices and methods you can use to prevent backflow, like the creation of an air gap or a pair of mechanical check valves that stop dirty water from flowing back into the clean water supply after any drastic pressure changes. These devices, when properly installed and maintained, can keep your potable water safe from any potential backflow situations.

Backflow Testing and Prevention in Houston

The idea of backflow, of wastewater and sewage potentially contaminating your potable drinking, is a gross and scary idea. It is something that you hope you never have to deal with. But hoping won’t necessarily stop it from happening, so you might want some professional help and support if you want to avoid that gross and scary idea becoming reality. Whether it’s just an inspection to prevent any future backflow issues or the installation of a backflow prevention device, progression Charlie’s Plumbing in Houston is a proud professional provider of backflow prevention and other plumbing and HVAC services. We have been serving the great city of Houston and the surrounding areas for over 40 years with trusted and dependable plumbing services, and we don’t have plans on stopping anytime soon. Give us a call today and schedule a backflow testing appointment, to give you the peace of mind you want, and to see how Charlie’s Plumbing can start serving you.