Plumbing has evolved quite substantially throughout the history of human existence. Humans started out using trench and waterway systems to dispose of their waste. Baths were drawn from natural water sources and often were not at a comfortable temperature. You may take for granted the luxury of having a home with a toilet and a shower that has running water. As modern Americans, we expect to have clean plumbing systems that work whenever we need them to. Only when our plumbing and heating systems break do we realize how much of a luxury it was to have them working. 

At Charlie’s Plumbing, we are dedicated to helping your plumbing get back to work so that you can relax and not have anything to worry about. We wouldn’t want you to have to revert back to the ways of ancient plumbing. With 40 years of experience, we are the leading plumbing experts in the greater Houston area, serving commercial and residential facilities and performing more than just plumbing. We also offer services for heating, HVAC, boiler, and water systems — basically, anything that has a pipe connection, we can fix, replace, and maintain for you or your business.

Charlie’s Plumbing has been serving our community of Houston and Texas Gulf Coast area since 1979. We have helped out by supplying plumbing for large and small commercial buildings including emergency services. Our experts are ready to tackle any plumbing problems, from emergency services to major renovations, industrial to multi-family lots, we are well-trained and utilize the proper resources to get the job done. Our services aren’t just limited to unclogging toilets, we provide help with drainage, gas, sewage, heating systems, and more. At Charlie’s Plumbing, we want to ensure that your business operates smoothly so our work is backed by years of extensive experience, training, and education.

Overview of Services

We want to make it clear about the types of services we offer. Here at Charlie’s Plumbing, we focus on servicing commercial buildings and properties. Read more about each type of service we offer by clicking on their links below: