Charlie’s Plumbing proudly provides under slab tunneling and plumbing services. Whether you have a leak that requires a repair, you’d like to install new infrastructure, or you need to replace pipes, we can tunnel under your slabs to do so without damaging the slabs, or disrupting your operations. We specialize in providing under slab tunneling and plumbing services for commercial properties here in the Houston area, and can help you to complete your project. Call today to schedule an appointment — we’ll work with you to understand your demands and the project at hand. As is true with all of our projects, we put safety first, and we comply with OSHA regulations and permitting. Feel free to learn more about this service, and why you should trust Charlie’s for your under slab tunneling and plumbing needs.


Under slab tunneling is a specialized strategy to access spaces under concrete slabs in order to work on existing pipes or to implement new pipes. You won’t have to cut through your floors and other slabs on your property in order to make changes to the site. That means that you won’t have to spend money to rebuild flooring, and your day-to-day operations won’t have to stop.

Under slab tunneling is inherently hazardous, so we’re sure to comply with OSHA standards. We use proper ventilation equipment as well as sufficient reinforcement throughout the process in order to keep soil and structures from collapsing.

When necessary, we’ll work with you to obtain an OSHA permit for your project as well. OSHA permits are required for working within certain confined spaces — OSHA defines permit-required confined spaces as follows: “[The space] contains or has the potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere; contains a material with the potential to engulf someone who enters the space; has an internal configuration that might cause an entrant to be trapped or asphyxiated by inwardly converging walls or by a 3 floor that slopes downward and tapers to a smaller cross section; and/or contains any other recognized serious safety or health hazards.”


Save money and keep your project minimally invasive for your business with our under slab tunneling solutions. Count on Charlie’s Plumbing to properly tunnel your project and to provide the plumbing installations, repiping, or repairs that you need. Again, we work on commercial properties throughout the Houston area — reach out to us to schedule your project!