Your roof drains are designed to keep water flowing off of your roof, safely away from your building. However, these drains aren’t impervious to clogging or damage. If you have a backed up roof drain, we’d be happy to clear the blockage and clean the drain to ensure that water doesn’t pool on your roof. Roof drain cleaning is essential for low- and no-slope commercial roofs, since water is more likely to pool, which can cause leaks, structural damage to the building, and greater wear and tear for the roofing material.

If you’ve noticed a blockage on your building’s roof, or if you’d like to schedule a routine cleaning for your roof drains, please give us a call. We specialize in providing roof drain clearing and cleaning services for commercial properties in and around Houston — we serve business owners and property managers as far north as the Woodlands and all the way out to the Gulf Coast. Feel free to continue reading to learn more about our roof drain services, and why you should trust Charlie’s Plumbing to ensure that the roof over your head remains free from pooling and leaks.


Our roof drain services extend beyond just removing the cause of the clog, they also include carefully cleaning the entire drain system to ensure that all obstructions are completely gone. We have the tools to remove any clogs in your roof, and provide hydro-jetting to fully clean roof drain pipes. Even with protective caps and covers, we find that roof drains can be clogged with leaves, nests, and other obstructions, and the pipes can become clogged due to grime buildup overtime. Fortunately, these drains are readily accessible, and most clogs can be cleared without much fuss. If you should also require a pipe repair due to a leak or broken pipe, we can do that too. We can even provide video inspection of your pipes as necessary, to evaluate the longevity of your pipes or to locate obstructions or problems.


Don’t let an obstructed roof drain lead to thousands in damage and days of downtime for your business. Count on Charlie’s Plumbing to clear and clean quickly. Again, we provide service for business owners and property managers throughout Houston and the surrounding area — call today to schedule an appointment. Take note, we also provide 24/7 service for emergency circumstances!