March 17, 2020

To all our clients, friends and valued partners:

As we work our way through this challenging time we have put plans into place to prevent and mitigate any loss of service.

First, we want everyone to know that we take this threat extremely seriously and are doing everything to protect the health and safety of our work and personal communities. We have plenty of anti-viral sanitizer, gloves and other PPE. We have taken measures inside our offices and warehouse to ensure distance between associates and outsiders.

As we move through the community to provide vital services such as the efficient flow of clean drinking water, hot water for cleaning, sewage and waste removal as well as the supply of natural gas, our technicians will be taking sanitary precautions such as extra cleaning, gloves, self-distance of 3-6 feet from others and no signatures will be required.

We are available 24/7 as always and our communication lines are open. Please do not hesitate to call for anything we can help you with. You are so important to us and we want you and your family to stay safe and healthy through this trying time.