We all know that awful experience of coming into your building and seeing a puddle of water on the floor. But where is the leak coming from? What caused it? Especially in bigger, industrial buildings, it can be hard to determine the source of leaks. Thankfully, electronic leak detection hardware was developed to locate the origin of leaks. This hardware looks and is used like a metal detector. Electronic leak detection equipment should ideally be operated by someone who is qualified and licensed as a commercial plumber.

Electronic leak detection starts on the roof. A technician takes the equipment up to the roof and starts scanning its entirety with the detector. Scanning each section of the roof could take a while, depending on the size of the building. The detector will be able to pick up any holes or imperfect seams below the surface of the roof. This is really helpful because it can be hard to see small holes or tears in the roof. Once the leak has been found, a commercial plumber will come up with a solution to properly repair the roof.