Plumbing is a complex field that covers a range of utilities and services we use in our everyday life. It takes a licensed professional to be able to determine and fix any possible plumbing issues, but there are a few “facts” and practices that have circulated long enough to gain traction, even though they aren’t accurate or helpful. Here are a few common commercial plumbing myths and the truth behind them!

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Myth #1: If Water Is Draining, There Is No Problem With Your Plumbing

This common myth is a dream for the optimists out there. But unfortunately, the effects of plumbing issues don’t always happen immediately, or at least might not present themselves so clearly. A drain that takes longer to drain than usual, but still drains all the way might be showing early signs of a clog or another major plumbing problem. If your water is starting to taste a little metallic or odd, but still looks clear and runs well, there might be some chemicals leaking into your water. Don’t let minor plumbing problems turn into major ones; call Charlie’s Plumbing today.

Myth #2: You Should Flush Your Fish Down the Toilet

A common burial for dead (or assumed dead) fish is to be flushed down your home toilet, out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, this is actually a bad practice and can be potentially harmful to the environment, as well as cruel to the fish. The fish are usually alive more often than not, and have to swim through toxic materials which generally kill them pretty slowly. Living and dead fish can carry diseases that can potentially spread to native fish populations. Put your poor guppy in a plastic bag and you can safely dispose of them in the trash, or if that is too barbaric, you can put the bag in a box and bury it in your yard.

Myth #3: You Can Put Anything Down Your Garbage Disposal As Long As the Water is On

Other than constantly making you think that you will get your finger chopped off, the sturdy and whirring blades of your garbage disposal are very adept at crushing and mulching food waste for disposal. But they aren’t invincible and neither are your drain pipes. Bones can dull the blades, and even if they make it through, they won’t make it past your drain. Celery, banana peels, and potato peels can become stringy and wrap around the blades, which could break the motor. If your garbage disposal has trouble mulching things, or if you have already put one of these items in your garbage disposal, give Charlie’s Plumbing a call and see what we can do.

Myth #4: It’s Safe to Take a Shower During a Thunderstorm

While you usually feel pretty safe in your house during a thunderstorm, a running shower might actually be somewhat risky. The absurdly powerful electric current produced by lightning strikes can actually travel through the conductive metal pipes and into your shower water or standing water in your bath, shocking you. Even if you have plastic pipes, water is also an excellent conductor and the electric current can still travel through the water currently in your pipes. Avoid other water sources in your house during a lightning storm, including sinks, dishwashers, or washing machines. You should also avoid things that conduct electricity in your home, like anything plugged into an outlet.

Myth #5: Commercial Drain Cleaner is Safe to Use On a Clog

When you get a clog in your sink, it is very tempting to get some powerful commercial drain cleaner and pour it down on the clog until it is eaten away. However, those same nasty cleaning chemicals that might clear out the clog can actually eat away your pipes and erode them entirely. They are also terrible for the environment if their path down the drain takes them to a water treatment plant or watershed area. If your drain has a clog, as enticing as it might sound to try to fix it yourself with drain cleaner, give Charlie’s Plumbing commercial services a call before and see how we can help.

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