In need of some emergency plumbing? Our phone lines are open 24/7 for you to call regarding any on-the-fly plumbing needs! We have expert plumbers ready to help fix any piping problems in the Houston area. If you live within our service area range and need immediate plumbing help, don’t hesitate to call us!

Emergency plumbing problems can greatly hinder the workflow of your building. Don’t let this happen, your issues need to be given attention promptly to prevent any major damage. Health and safety violations could arise if plumbing problems aren’t tended to immediately, so don’t let this wait.

Charlie’s Plumbing has over 40 years of experience in helping commercial industries to maintain safe, reliable and affordable plumbing in their buildings. We want to help you keep up with the maintenance of your plumbing structures, but if an unfortunate accident happens and something breaks, we will be there for you and your building’s occupants to fix the issue as fast as possible.